星期二, 8月 30, 2011


On a beautiful morning when the golden sun is smiling at me outside my window by the bed and I talk about my KIT I might be talking about a set of stuffs used for a special purpose. E.g. a make love up kit. The container of the set can be called a KIT, too.

In the middle of a crazy working day if I talk about my KIT I might be talking about a package of related materials. E.g. a press kit.

Under the stars when I walk up the slope alone and pause on the street I might see a KIT which is a little cat most people call it a kitten.

At the end of my emails to you if I write "KIT" I mean Keep In Touch.

I KIT off everyday because I take a shower everyday so I disrobe/kit off myself before entering the bathroom.

星期三, 8月 24, 2011





Dear Mr. X,

I am writing to follow up our telephone conversation last night regarding the issue about your car.

To proceed further it is better to get the whole picture of the issue. Hence please let us know the issue by providing a precise and specific description. You may prepare your description around the following points:

- Date
- Place (i.e. the address of the carpark and the number of your parking lot)
- Time your car entered in the carpark.
- Time you discovered the damage
- Particulars about the damage
- Your initial perception about the root cause of the damage
- What actions you have taken after you discovered the damage
- Was the happening of the damage in sight of anyone?
- If the happening of the damage was in sight of someone, did or will you get his/her/their statement?

Besides, people might be under the impression that the police is called only if it is a major car accident or if somebody is hurt. Nevertheless it is recommended that the police should be called no matter how minor the issue, particularly if repairs are going to be needed. The police report will help your insurance company to decide who is responsible for paying the repairs, if any.

The purpose of this email is to understand the issue. Under no circumstances should this email to be interpreted as an intention or an offer or an agreement or whatsoever of taking up any obligation or acknowledgment regarding the happening of the damage of your car.

Should we do not receive the written response from you by noon next Monday (Hong Kong Time), we will assume that the issue is closed and you consent that you are not going to make any further inquiry with us regarding the issue.

Thank you for your attention.

The Representative

星期二, 8月 23, 2011

It's dumb

There are a few movies I will always re-visit when I feel like I am in a particular situation that I need to get my emotions (often not positive) way out. Watching such motion pictures is like encountering an echo in a boundaryless dark forest. I do not wear a red hood but I meet a wolf or something wild enough to justify my crazy psycho. I am not afraid of the wolf. I would indeed be very much happy to dance with Mr. Wolf. I would rather be happy than be right.

"Breakfast at Tiffany's" has become one of these films where I can get some emotional comforts and supports since year 2000 when I lived alone in Tokyo. Featuring in the film is this Miss Holly Golightly alone in Manhattan living out a messy, off-track lifestyle . Half of her apartment gets furnished. None a name her cat gets.

The director does not put in an accountant to book-keep the income and cashflow of Holly. However it is obvious that Holly does not go to work. She is making her living from gentlemen clustering around her (courtesan?). Holly meets Paul, a young writer, in the building she lives. The pretty girl and handsome boy kick-start the love story. Yes "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is a love story.

I am fascinated by the daily live of Holly and I am fancy about making a living totally out of the opposite sex. Women make use of their feminine power and somewhere sometime women attempt to make something, if not most, out of the opposite sex.

I did a few silly things this week. Although it is too early to conclude the week as today is just Tuesday, I want to lay down and confess.

First, I made a wrong phone call last night. I telephoned an ex-colleague on 70/F because I thought her number belonged to my auntie. *$&$*#^%%&*#^&*%^

Second, I forwarded a sale promotion advertisement of a diamond dealer to my boyfriend. When I pressed the button to forward the message I was happy and thought it was funny and it might be useful and it was an act out of practicality. However a few hours later when I was getting sucked with my work a weird feeling suddenly came up. Was I a bit too much? Am I in place to give any direction/ hint on the stone thing? Will I be pleased to receive a piece of discounted jewellery? No. If I go shopping in a warehouse I go by myself. So I am really out of my range and thinking too much far away.


I must be overloaded at work so it sucks.

星期日, 8月 21, 2011



星期五傢俬店給我送來兩張椅子,我的 IT 男朋友來我家幫我收貨。我歡天喜地回到家來正要給他一個啜啜聲的吻時,他告訴我:「丫剛才送貨師傅話想借洗手間我讓他用了。」說話時一臉天真的神氣。


咁果個男人咪入左我屋企送椅姐我以為大門交收咪得囉;咁個男人咪整污糟我個toto亂射一通?咁個男人入屋有冇除鞋咁佢有冇著襪咁佢既腳汗咪沾污我的地板?咁個男人有冇洗手咁佢係咪襟過我crabtree 的樽?咁佢點抹手呀用咩抹手呀?咁佢咪見到我的女性用品?咁咁咁咁!



星期二, 8月 16, 2011

紅玫瑰 辣七十

在這攞命的磨合期我的 IT 男朋友給我送來十八枝玫瑰,心意當然比花兒可貴可愛。錫錫錫錫錫。但是呢,在我就 bitchiness大肆發表偉論時他打斷我:「喂你知唔知你都 bitchy 架喎 ...... 」

(-_-") 凸

我呢 d 叫「辣」呀唔該。

星期日, 8月 14, 2011


又係我又係我不跟大隊 schedule遲了一萬年才看這本書。)

錢瑪莉在遊艇上與鄭祖蔭獨處一室,孤男寡女。她「慢慢用手(『用手』二字乃多餘)除去他的 Ray Ban 黑眼鏡 ...... 他面額上有三粒小痣,我的手指輕輕逐粒滑過,一直滑到他頸上的喉核。」

可以更挑逗的比如說那些小痣都長在遼闊的胸膛那末我的手指便滑到 ......

星期六, 8月 13, 2011


我又成為了一個異鄉人,在人治部。唉。我老闆問我"what's making you not liking it?"






我幫一位部門主管舉辦 skip level breakfast,有六十多位同事出席活動,說了很多意見。部門主管表示謝意,請我吃午餐,地點又當然是我最喜歡的 Living Room。

在 Living Room 的大樹幹旁,我穿一條雪白長裙,背後綁一個大蝴蝶結,正午的陽光肆無忌憚地照出一室的明媚。我掀開 Rene Magritte 的畫冊,向部門主管逐一介紹 Rene Magritte 的圖騰。


IT 的同事們大部份都沒有閱讀的習慣,而閱讀,能讓我們的世界豁然開朗。開卷,真的很有益。

我的 IT 男朋友也閱讀,但他讀的東西我都沒興趣,也看不懂。不過這是好事,我喜歡去喜歡一個我不能夠完全懂得的男人。

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